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Municipal Habitat Agency

Municipal Habitat Agency

Municipal Habitat Agency


Organization: Municipality of San Antonio de Areco

Category: Mecanismos innovadores para el financiamiento y el acceso a soluciones de vivienda


San Antonio de Areco is a city in the northern area of the province of Buenos Aires. The creation of the Agency is born of a clear demand from the population for land access and social housing as well as improvement in their household conditions. It city has a population of 23,138 inhabitants according to the last census from INDEC (2010). Since 2011, the municipality added the urban habitat issue to the local government agenda, developing the needed regulatory frameworks for advancing in this area.

Project objective:
To promote a strategic unit within the municipality for fully addressing the urban-residential demand and need in the city; ensuring urban land; land and housing access; enabling the rental market; building community facilities, infrastructure and services; organizing the demand for housing and boosting its supply; and ensuring condominium regularization of property.

Scope: Municipal, San Antonio de Areco


Achieved Results:

  • Mixed financing mechanisms: joint construction between family and state of 20 homes on municipal lands. By the year 2018, 81 lots were provided by the "fiscal land sale at a fair price" modality. The lots were divided by programs: 33 of La Manuela in 2012; 17 of Arraigo, and 10 of Raíces in 2014; 21 of Habitar I in 2016). Fifty lots between San Antonio de Areco and Villa Lía are expected for 2018 (rural town belonging to San Antonio de Areco district) with this modality.
  • A public-private agreement that allows incorporating and selling 81 lots at an affordable price for families. The goal is to respond to different realities and reach from families with two minimum wages, up to those with five or six minimum wages. That is to say, it seeks to reach lower-middle, middle and upper-middle sectors. Diversity and integration are promoted, the creation of "ghettos" is prevented; the goal is that families that by income acquire a lot from the most affordable are not far away from families qualifying for a lot of a higher value. In these programs quotas were defined for promoting engagement (doctors, security bodies, health and education personnel) and acknowledging public servers (firemen and ex-combatants of the Falklands War). The sale price of lots is per the official appraisal provided by official banks. In general, they are well below market value (between 30% and 50% less)

Expected Results:

  • Expand housing access for low-income families in the city of San Antonio de Areco. An initiative that has been able to assist more than 1,500 housing solutions since 2012; there are still 1,200 families that require state intervention in terms of land and housing access with different realities (low-income, tenants, overcrowding, etc.)
  • To continue facilitating housing demand and supply, intervening in real estate market regulation, if the current intervention pace is sustained, demand for housing is expected to be reduced by 10% for the year 2019.
  • To ensure the regularization of real estate ownership. Seventy property deeds were processed and delivered in 2017, in addition to the nearly 200 that had been attained between 2012 and 2016. By 2018, attaining an additional 50 deeds is expected, resulting from the regularization of ownership in existing neighborhoods and in accordance with the applicable statute of limitations.

Person/contact: Facundo Fagnano/

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