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Juan Bosch City

Juan Bosch City

Juan Bosch City

Dominican Republic

Organization: Presidential Commission for the Development of the Trust Mortgage Market of the Dominican Republic

Category: Mecanismos innovadores para el financiamiento y el acceso a soluciones de vivienda


Santo Domingo Este is the capital of Santo Domingo province. In the province of Santo Domingo there is limited access to decent and affordable homes in sustainable and socially integrated human settlements, which mainly affects low-income families.

Project objective:
to provide middle-income and lower-middle income families with the mechanisms for acquiring proper, safe and affordable housing, in urbanized land and with access to basic utilities, through a public-private partnership supported by an independent trust.

Scope: Municipal, Santo Domingo Este, Santo Domingo province.


Achieved Results:

  • 22.056 homes awarded, of which 3,032 are currently under construction, 3,232 are finished, and 1,042 are occupied;
  • Public facilities: Hospital, Primary and Secondary Schools, Firemen and Police Station, Urban Vegetable Garden. Amenities nearby;
  • Public transport service with buses in a project-exclusive corridor has mobilized 504,838 passengers during the first quarter of 2018;
  • 1325 km of paved roads, 12.58 kilometers of sanitary sewer, and 92% progress in the first elevated water tank, of 6,000 m3. There are 17.49 kilometers of installed power lines and public lighting.

Expected Results:

  • Renewable Energy Park and an Ecological Park, in addition to minor recreational areas and sports areas under development;
  • To promote comprehensive urban development, with urban services provided bt the state, social facilities and public green and recreational space reserves, for the development of 25,000 homes and shopping plazas, through a public-private partnership, with an offer that ensures the sustainability of the complex, improving quality of life for residents and contributing to the metropolitan development of Santo Domingo.

Person/contact: Carmen Karina Negrin Martin/

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