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The Inspiring Practices have been selected!

We have already selected the Inspirational Practices

The Inspiring Practices have been selected!

UHPH Institutional

We are pleased to inform that, after assessing over 290 practices from 21 countries in the region, we have selected 29 Inspiring Practices that will be presented during the Forum. 

We appreciate the support of the internal and external jury, who was assigned the difficult task of identifying the practices that best represented each of their categories, as well as the concept of housing at the center of the New Urban Agenda. 

The 29 Inspiring Practices that were selected are: 

  1. Política de Arriendo ("Rental Policy"): promotion of social and urban integration and supply, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Chile 
  2. Estrategia Nacional de Acceso al Suelo Urbano ("National Strategy to Access Urban Land"), Ministry of Housing, Territorial Planning and Environment, Uruguay 
  3. Improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of a marginal urban area of the northern cone of Lima, Asociación Mano a Mano, Peru 
  4. Plazas Públicas de Bolsillo ("Pocket-sized Public Squares"), Regional Metropolitan Government of Santiago, Chile  
  5. Regeneration of the critical social condominiums Brisas del Mar and Nuevo Horizonte II, Viña del Mar, Office of the Regional Secretary for Valparaiso of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Chile 
  6. Model to provide social support for the resettlement of at-risk populations, Habitat for Humanity, Paraguay 
  7. Municipal Habitat Agency, Municipality of San Antonio de Areco, Argentina 
  8. Llena una botella de amor ("Fill a bottle with love"), Fundación llena una botella de amor, Colombia 
  9. Caminos de la Villa ("Roads of the Slum"), Asociación Civil por la Igualdad y la Justicia, Argentina 
  10. Comprehensive Improvement of the Habitat with Local Women Entrepreneurs, Habitat for Humanity Nicaragua, Nicaragua 
  11. Building Resilience and Capacities for Emerging Disasters in Precarious Settlements in Portmore (Jamaica), Habitat for Humanity International, Jamaica 
  12. Pilot Project for the Urban Regeneration of Vulnerable Neighborhoods, Laboratorio 9x18, Chile 
  13. Moradia Urbana com Tecnologia Social, Rede Internacional de Ação Comunitária - INTERAÇÃO, Brazil 
  14. Herramienta de Eco-Eficiencia ("Eco-Efficiency Tool"), Office of the Secretary of Territory, Habitat and Housing of the Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito, Ecuador 
  15. Brilla El Sol, Quiero Mi Barrio: Programa de Recuperación de Barrios ("Brilla El Sol: neighborhood recovery program"), Office of the Regional Secretary of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Maule Region, Chile 
  16. Local productive circuit, Centro Experimental de la Vivienda Económica and Asociación de Vivienda Económica, Argentina 
  17. Self-Managed Cooperative Housing Program, Empresa Metropolitana de Vivienda y Desarrollo Urbano, Guatemala 
  18. Building confidence in the areas affected by the FENC (Acronym in Spanish for the El Niño Costero Phenomenon), Fundación Microfinanzas BBVA, Peru 
  19. Debênture de impacto para melhorias habitacionais, Programa Vivenda, Brazil 
  20. Program for the reduction of vulnerability in precarious urban settlements in the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador, Vice Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, El Salvador 
  21. Tecnoecópolis. Ecobarrio 3.0, Colectivo de Acción Social y promoción del desarrollo ARCOÍRIS, Dominican Republic 
  22. Municipal Program for the Urban Development of Mérida Program (PMDUM), Municipality of Mérida, Mexico 
  23. Updating the Municipal Urban Planning System through Citizen Consultation 2017, Municipal Institute of Urban Planning, Mexico 
  24. Program for the comprehensive improvement of precarious urban settlements, Vice-ministry of Housing and Urban Development - Ministry of Public Works, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, El Salvador 
  25. Casafin, Fundación Microfinanzas BBVA, Panama 
  26. Sustainable neighborhoods: Comprehensive Improvement of the Comuna 8 Neighborhoods, Urban Development Agency of Medellín and Pontifical Bolivarian University, Colombia 
  27. EcoCasa México program, Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal (SHF), Mexico 
  28. Juan Bosch City project, Presidential Commission for the Development of the Trust Mortgage Market, the Ministry of the Presidency of the Dominican Republic, Dominican Republic 
  29. Sustainable social housing, CASSA, Guatemala 

The contest was designed to identify, document, disseminate and exchange projects that promote housing and suitable habitats as drivers of sustainable urban development in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

The "housing at the center" is an approach that replaces the construction of houses with a holistic approach on housing and habitat. This emphasis prioritizes the people and their rights in the pursuit of sustainable urban development. At the national level, the objective is to integrate housing and the concept of habitat in National Urban, Zoning and Territorial Policies, as well as in the strategic thinking of planned urbanization. 

The Urban Housing Practitioners Hub (UPHP) is a regional space for managing knowledge of housing and urban development practices. The UPHP opened the Inspiring Practices: Housing at the center of the New Urban Agenda contest. This contest is part of the 3rd Latin American and Caribbean Housing and Habitat Forum to be held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 

The selected Inspiring Practices will be exhibited in the Forum. We will have additional information about these projects in our website soon.