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Urban and cities’ platform

lav--City _​Management

Urban and cities’ platform

Topic: City ​​Management


Contribute to the design and development of the Urban and Cities Platform of Latin America and the Caribbean (PUC), understanding the complementary roles of the organizations involved in the construction process; inputs from various strategic sectors; and knowledge and extent platforms’ mapping and presentation on existing public policies in Latin America and the Caribbean for urban issues. In addition, identify complementary alternatives, coordination opportunities and development options for the Urban and Cities Platform, aligned with the priorities, initiatives and work agenda, both from the MINURVI and the Governments that comprise it.

Guide Questions

  1. What are the platforms and networks in Latin America? What knowledge products/services do they offer?
  2. What are the attributes of the platform to be built?
  3. How to promote complementarity between platforms in an effective technological and strategic point of view to create mobilization and content? How do we connect?
  4. What modern platform principles should we consider for regional platforms?
  5. What would be the specific platforms’ audiences?
  6. What modalities are most effective for knowledge and experiences exchange?
  7. How to articulate the existing platforms around an urban platform in LAC? (platform over another platform)
  8. How to bring together experiences on and practical cases to the knowledge and critical mass creation process on the LAC’s urban agenda?
  9. How to better integrate regional platforms and networks regarding the MINURVI's needs and priorities?
  10. What is the national governments role in urban areas and housing?
  11. How to create a governance that allows the ecosystem actors to enrich the contents and propose improvements to the strategic orientation?