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LAV Informal Settlements and Migratory Phenomenon


LAV Informal Settlements and Migratory Phenomenon

Topic: City Management, Housing Financing


Guide Questions

  1. What are the main migratory trends in Latin America and the Caribbean and what impacts do these recent flows have for the municipalities of departure/out-migration, transit and reception?
  2. What are the implications of migration for informal settlements and/or homeless population?
  3. How to better incorporate migratory dynamics into local urban and housing policies?
  4. What are the existing regulatory frameworks for rights? Do -and how- they need to be adapted to the current needs of the migratory phenomenon?
  5. What is the role of national urban policy? What is the role of the national government and housing policy?
  6. Are there - and what are - concrete incentives for the adequate reception, management and integration of migrants at the local level? Which and how can incentives to local governments leverage actions for the reception, handling and more adequate integration of migrants in their various segmentations?

Reference Documentation