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What is our FORUM?

It is the biannual multi-actor meeting space for Housing and Habitat in Latin America and the Caribbean that brings together government authorities, international organizations, local governments, academics, entrepreneurs, investors, financiers, civil society, community leaders and professionals in the sector.

Pursues to enable strategic alliances,

enhance exchanges and dissemination of innovations, and to promote solutions of scale in housing and settlements in the region. Habitat for Humanity, together with the Cities Alliance, the Inter-American Housing Union (UNIAPRAVI), and other partners under the UHPH Platform, organize this regional space for exchange and discussion to share experiences, lessons learned, trends and challenges in the field of housing and urban habitat.Previus editions : Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2018), Monterrey, Mexico (2015), and Bogota, Colombia (2012).

Objectives and main topics

Raise the visibility of the region's achievements in the implementation of the New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals -SDGs 11- in the area of adequate housing, habitat, and urbanization. Provide solutions to the most pressing challenges in the region affected by migration, violence, epidemics and climate change; To reward and celebrate Best Practices and Innovations in the region towards inclusive, resilient, accessible, healthy and sustainable housing and habitat; Share the "State of Housing and Habitat in LAC Report" and the progress and results of the UHPH Platform.

  1. Inclusive Governance
  2. Inclusive settlements, sustainable and healthy.
  3. Urban Recovery, green and resilient.
  4. Housing new typologies and technologies.
  5. Innovative financial solutions for economic recovery.

The program

Program not yet available.


El evento comprenderá actividades y metodologías interactivas que facilitarán la participación de los asistentes. Tendremos:

  • Conferencias magistrales.
  • Diálogos de alto nivel con representantes de todos los sectores.
  • Laboratorios de vivienda (LAVs).
  • Concurso de Prácticas y Soluciones Innovadoras.
  • Happenings (coorganizadores/patrocinadores).
  • MINICAPSULAS (UHPH TALKS) por definir.


Le invitamos a ser parte del grupo de organizaciones más influyentes en vivienda y hábitat en América Latina y El Caribe.

We offer the following sponsorship programs: