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Tecnoecópolis: ECOBARRIO.3.0


Tecnoecópolis: ECOBARRIO.3.0

Dominican Republic

Organization: Colectivo de Acción Social y promoción del desarrollo ARCOIRIS

Category: Innovaciones o desarrollos tecnológicos para la vivienda y la ciudad sostenible e inclusiva


The municipalities of Santo Domingo Este and Bajos de Haina, in two neighborhoods, Cancino Adentro and Bella Vista respectively, are part of this pilot initiative that pursues a comprehensive development intervention. The population noted the need to bring together the Government, Academia, municipalities and communities in the sustainable and integral improvement of neighborhoods, based on initiatives that incorporate technology and scientific development.

Project objective:
To develop a technological communication platform that will serve as a meeting and engagement point among the civil society, scientific community, businesses and local governments. Communication and community participation is leveraged through face-to-face and virtual actions; a researcher network offering solutions applicable to the development of the neighborhood is promoted; and a methodology is implemented for measuring the sustainable development level of the neighborhood and monitoring ongoing processes.

Scope: Metropolitan, Gran Santo Domingo.


Achieved Results:
Technological platform running since October 2015;
Design and application of mobile surveys in 2016-17, for information exchange among actors in the territory, including the scientific community;
Comprehensive system for measuring sustainable development indicators of neighborhoods ready for use;
Development of participatory methodology and structure in three neighborhoods, and four rural communities in Gran Santo Domingo for future applied projects;
Multiple practical work with 4 universities, international seminar and publications.

Expected Results:
To enable a server with a capacity of 100,000 visiting users and 10,000 interacting users;
To promote systematized neighborhood indicator recording tools, and information exchange in vulnerable communities;
To make progress in terms of self-sustainability of the project to promote the integrated development innovation ecosystem;

Person/contact: Ana Moyano Molina/

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