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Sustainable neighborhoods: Comprehensive Improvement of the Comuna 8 neighborhoods

Sustainable neighborhoods

Sustainable neighborhoods: Comprehensive Improvement of the Comuna 8 neighborhoods


Organization: Urban Development Agency of Medellín (EDU) and Pontifical Bolivarian University (UPB)

Category: Integración y Prevención de Asentamientos Informales


Medellín is divided into areas, communes and neighborhoods. In the year 2015, Comuna 8 in area 3 had 137,000 inhabitants and was characterized by constructions in areas of immitigable risk and creeks, in addition to the shortage of community facilities and urban issues. The Sustainable Neighborhoods Program is developed in this context, as a micro scale urban planning strategy, which seeks to improve the families' quality of life in the most troubled sectors.

Project objective:
To consolidate the urban edge and rearrange neighborhoods under construction, through inter-institutional management and agreement with the community, enabling land for resettlement processes, considering the execution of new public spaces, as well as roadways, risk mitigation works and quality community equipment.

Scope: Municipal, Medellín.


Achieved Results:

  • $9 million executed between 2014 and 2019.

Expected Results:

  • 951 families benefited with new homes or improvement of their homes in four sectors of Comuna 8, two of them prioritized for the first phase of project implementation, to be carried out during the second half of the year 2018 and throughout 2019; the second phase will be implemented in the other two sectors, and will be executed in the next municipal government period (2020-2023);
  • 2,500 families benefited in a multidimensional way by the end of the execution of the project in the four studied sectors;
  • Expansion by square meters of public space and social equipment per capita; expansion of public space by 1000%, from 0.89 m2 to 9.93 m2 per inhabitant, in addition to an increase by 4000% in public facilities, from 0.13 m2 to 5.6 m2 per inhabitant;
  • To provide sustainability to the work carried out in the first two sectors, until 2019, and to the other two, thus completing 4 sectors in the next municipal administration (2010-2023);
  • In the long term, to implement the Program in the 6 areas of the city of Medellin, through the identification, diagnosis, formulation, studies, designs and execution of projects for the rearrangement of neighborhoods under construction, through the Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement methodology, in accordance with the City's occupation model established in its Territorial Management Plan.


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