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Pocket-sized Public Squares

Pocket-sized Public Squares

Pocket-sized Public Squares


Organization: Regional Metropolitan Government of Santiago

Category: Vivienda, acceso al suelo y regeneración urbana


It is estimated that Gran Santiago has 2,500 hectares of non-sown lands, of which 400 hectares are public property. This large space of public property is reserved for future investment and until now had been closed to the public, leaving them unavailable for free use.

Project objective:
To establish a network of transitory spaces for public use on non-sown lands for promoting local economy development. To have visible places, for public use and open to the community; define a new typology of public-use spaces, through concepts developed by Tactical Urbanism (Pop Up Urbanism).

Scope: Metropolitan, Gran Santiago


Achieved Results:
12 of 16 squares considered during the initial phase, over 200,000 visits; Over 500 culinary entrepreneurs have participated in the process; 3 pocket-sized squares opened outside of Santiago in Valdivia, Temuco and La Serena; Application of urban art and tactical tactical urban development in these areas;

Expected Results
Opening of 3 new squares with approved funding; To continue implementing an innovative public-private financing mechanism for square cost and maintenance; agreement with other partner operators, and testing of new space activation programs.

Person/contact: Francisca Penna/

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