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Neighborhood in Colores Brilla El SolBarrio en Colores Brilla El Sol

Neighborhood in Colores Brilla El SolBarrio en Colores Brilla El Sol

Neighborhood in Colores Brilla El SolBarrio en Colores Brilla El Sol


Organization: Quiero Mi Barrio Program from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

Category: Vivienda, acceso al suelo y regeneración urbana


The city of Talca is located in the south of Chile, 256 kilometers from the capital, Santiago. Brilla El Sol neighborhood emerged in 1965 as an irregular and emergency settlement, initially with 420 homes. It was a vulnerable neighborhood before the arrival of the Quiero Mi Barrio program, with urban deprivations and social and communal stigma.

Project objective:
To develop a neighborhood recovery master plan, through a participatory process between the "the Quiero Mi Barrio program, the municipality and the benefited community, with the objective of converting Brilla El Sol into a Cultural Interest neighborhood for Talca and the Maule Region. Barrio en Colores open air museum, composed of 42 murals, was put in place. In addition, 5 squares, pedestrian circuits, Infocenter and public lighting replacement are achieved. Streets were paved, new homes were enhanced and built, among other works.

Scope: Municipal, city of Talca and Maule Region.


Achieved Results:
Execution of 42 murals and communication strategy for dissemination since 2014 to date;
Construction of social infrastructure, sports equipment and public spaces since 2014 to date;
Establishment of a Cultural Corporation, which runs the cultural plan, supported by a Multisectoral Working Group;
Coordination of a tourist bus, overseen by the municipality of Talca and support initiatives for local economic development;
Improved homes and new housing subsidy with other families since 2014 to date.

Expected Results:
To provide sustainability to enhancements developed;
To continue strengthening neighborhood organization for qualifying for new housing improvement and construction subsidies;
To promote the economic and tourism development of the neighborhood;
Paving of new streets and passages during 2018.

Person/contact: Jaime Muñoz/