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Moradia Urbana com Tecnologia Social

Moradia Urbana com Tecnologia Social

Moradia Urbana com Tecnologia Social


Organization: Rede Internacional de Ação Comunitária, INTERAÇÃO, in collaboration with Fundación Banco de Brasil

Category: Innovaciones o desarrollos tecnológicos para la vivienda y la ciudad sostenible e inclusiva


Issues:In the endeavors of the Minha Casa Minha Vida government program there is a demand for mobilization, organization and community strengthening considering that they include inhabitants of different contexts. Social technology work seeks to standardize understanding, so that everyone can fight for local objectives and priorities in an informed manner.
Project objective:To reapply social technology in urban housing for: mobilizing, organizing and strengthening inhabitants; promoting autonomy in the conquest of their rights; and connecting them with representatives of the Prefecture and Bank of Brazil.
Scope: Nationwide, currently in 47 cities in all regions of Brazil with potential for more cities in the country.


Achieved Results
60 institutions trained for reapplying social technologies since May 2015 and November 2016;
Local assets inventory pertaining to 62 housing complexes (around 31,000 homes and 110,000 inhabitants in 47 cities) from December 2015 until March 2018;
100 assemblies, 48 censuses, 40 Financial Education activities, and several sectoral meetings and meetings with representatives of the public and banking sector since December 2015 until March 2018;
Complementary projects (libraries, orchards, etc.), according to local demands, initiated in 24 housing complexes, activities completed in 16 of them from January 2017 until March 2018.

Expected Results
To provide support to 124 ventures, directly serving 330,000 people in 69 cities in the next few years.

Person/contact: André Folganes Franco/