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Fill a bottle with love

Fill a bottle with love

Fill a bottle with love


Organization: Fundación llena una botella de amor

Category: Innovaciones o desarrollos tecnológicos para la vivienda y la ciudad sostenible e inclusiva


Around 208 million tons of plastic waste are generated per year worldwide; according to the IDB in Latin America and the Caribbean the amount of plastic waste is of 43,000 tons per day, and 3,000 daily tons of plastic bags and jars are generated in Colombia, of which only 5% is recycled. Also, a significant percentage of the world population is affected by housing shortage, urban deprivation and lack of environmental management in vulnerable neighborhoods.

Project objective:
To implement a project to build homes using recycled plastics collected through a social strategy consisting of involving educational institutions worldwide, so children, youngsters and their families fill plastic bottles with all kinds of bags and packaging at the institution and in their homes.

Scope: Regional, Latin America.


Achieved Results:

  • Training of 50 companies and 26 schools (2,700 individuals) in socioenvironmental education.
  • Recycling of 277 tons of plastic waste in the last two (2) years
  • Development of 10 libraries, 5 dining tables, 5 ecological points, 3 children’s parks and 3 houses using plastic waste

Expected Results

  • To build 4,000,000 homes in Latin America and 300,000 homes in Colombia over the next 10 years.
  • To strengthen the institutional framework for the development of environmental education alliances and strategies
  • To reinforce institutional resources management for giving sustainability to the project;
  • To continue contributing to carbon footprint mitigation at national and international levels.

Person/contact: John Berrío López/

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