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EcoCasa program

EcoCasa program

EcoCasa program


Organization: Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal (SHF)

Category: Mitigación, adaptación y resiliencia del hábitat frente al cambio climático y los desastres


Mexico has a housing shortage of 9.2 million homes, of which 59.7% demand a procurement solution. Conversely, the housing sector is responsible for approximately 14.2% of the total energy consumption and 323.9% of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions.

Project objective:
To contribute to the efforts for tackling climate change through the financing of homes built with energy efficiency and which reduce CO2 emissions, thus transforming construction standards and fostering an energy-efficient housing market. Loans are granted to companies that build bioclimatic designs, that favor technological innovation and the use of sustainable construction materials.

Scope: Nationwide


Achieved Results

  • Funding of 44,034 homes granted since 2013;
  • Certification of 9,005 additional homes with the EcoCasa standard, adding up to a total of 53,039 homes that will reduce 1.5 Mt CO2 in 40 years starting in 2013;
  • Coordination with 72 developers, who executed 191 projects in 22 states in the country until December 2017;

Expected Results

  • More than 200,000 Mexicans with access to the EcoCasas program, financed and/or certified by 2017; 240,000 Mexicans are expected to be benefited by 2023.
  • To help in decreasing families' energy consumption and waste by at least 20 %;
  • To contribute to transform the real estate markets' construction standards, promoting more energy-efficient and sustainable homes; it is expected to fund 60,000 homes by 2023, which account for over 2.0 Mt CO2 mitigated throughout 40 years of service life.

Person/contact: Andrea Hernandez/

Source: Energy Information System, Energy Department, 2016. National Emissions Inventory, National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change, 2013)